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Residential Window Washing | Perfection Window Cleaning

You live a busy life. In the meantime, your "to-do" list just keeps growing. All of that cleaning that needs to be done somehow just keeps dropping further down the list.

Commercial Window Washing | Perfection Window Cleaning

We have washed literally thousands of windows throughout the years. Isn't it time you called on us for your commercial window washing needs?

Power Washing | Perfection Window Cleaning

Are you tired of seeing those dirty spots on your siding? Do you have grime all over the deck of your home? Does your parking lot need a thorough washing?

In my own words and personal thoughts, I will always bear in mind that keeping safe is a real concern for everyone during these new times for all of us. Residential window cleaning is much more sensitive now. Especially the inside. It's personal space. Some customers have an issue with it and some do not.

Should you want the inside done, but are unsure, and want to know more about how I approach cleaning the inside windows, here is my protocol: I work by myself, and always wear my face mask: the more durable kind with charcoal filters, booties and thicker rubber water sport style gloves. My towels and window scrubbers are always freshly laundered for the day, and it does not hurt to spray my squeegee down with rubbing alcohol. Last but not least, I keep to my work and maintain distancing of 6 feet. The smaller the house, the more challenge arises with social distancing. The bigger the house, not so much. Working together on this helps.

It also helps to plan ahead some before having this done, so I can do my work more quickly and efficiently by moving personal items out of the window sills and making a clear as possible path to the window. The focus here is personal items like clothes, towels, soaps, loofas, shavers. toothbrushes or dishes. Together we can make a difference!

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Are you tired of seeing dirty spots on your windows? Would you like to get rid of those unsightly stains on your siding? Could your parking lot use a thorough cleaning? Call on the experienced crew for all of your window-washing and power-washing services. Our name conveys the message we want to tell everyone. We are Perfection Window Cleaning because, when we clean something, we want it to look perfect. Yes, we are the window washing "perfectionists."

We offer only the best residential and commercial window-washing services in the San Diego area. Our experienced, professional staff leave windows spotless and attractive. We can quickly have your windows looking new and free of unsightly spots. We use the best cleaning supplies and washing equipment on the market in order to protect your window glass and ensure the job is completed to perfection. Clean windows not only reflect well on you, they also reflect well on us!

Do you need some power washing? We have the best power-washing equipment. Plus, we have the best staff so you can rest assured that the job will be done right. Regardless of whether you need your outbuilding cleaned off, your siding washed down, your driveway cleaned, or sidewalk washed off, our friendly workers will get to work on the job and leave your place looking its best. Power washing can make things look new again.

Leave a strong, pleasant impression. Get your home or business to stand out from the rest. Call on the experienced team here at Perfection Window Cleaning. You will see things a lot differently.

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