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Just a little bit about me, Jon Bjork.

About Perfection Window Cleaning | Perfection Window Cleaning - San Diego, CA

I am going on 50 years old. I have been cleaning windows ever since I was about 14. Sure, like many people, I did a few other things but I always came back to window cleaning. The honest reason is that I always loved doing it.

As a young lad, I found an old book at the public library about starting and running a successful window cleaning business. It was written in the 1930s. I don't remember the author and it was rather poorly written, but the ideas in this man's book stuck with me even up till now. I read the book a bunch of times and returned it to the library late, paying little attention to who the author was. I was a kid, you know.

At that young age I started riding a moped with a device I doctored up that would carry a small bucket and put my squeegee equipment in a back pack and went to small stores and gas stations and made some money. As a kid, my peers were left in a quandary. I wore the latest shoes at the time. The rest is history.

The years prior to Perfection Window Cleaning I have worked for a handful of different companies alongside some of the best window cleaners I have had the honor to meet. Some of the best people I have ever met. I ate lunch with some of them hanging 25 stories up. I have cleaned windows on spectacular homes over the years and some of the owners of these homes were famous. I never met them, just thier people.

For me, window cleaning is not just a job. It is really a passion. I enjoy even the more challenging days. I have done this most of my life. Fellow window cleaners would agree that it takes a certain type of person and a good frame of mind to handle this kind of work. Simply put, window cleaners rest well in the evening after a full day out there. It is my goal as a company owner and as a person to give you everything I have to make it a great experience for you, and for you to see that I love what I do, Cleaning windows.